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Rose City Schaft Port Orford Cedar Premium 5/16" - 30.5"

Rose City Archery
Rose City Schaft Port Orford Cedar Premium 5/16" - 30.5"
Lieferzeit: 1 - 5 Tage Gewicht: 1 kg

Rose City Schaft Port Orford Cedar Premium 5/16" - 30.5"

Highest quality shafts from Rose City. Hand selected for best grain structure. The 30" lenght is a relative new option in the product range from Rose City. It offers all the same qualities as the 32" version, but at a price that is about 15% lower. Simply a great price advantage for archers that don't need a shaft longer then 30" because of their draw length.

These spine matched shafts come in a full 32" length in 2 different diameters, in a large range of sizes. Port Orford Cedar has been the prefered wood type for decades by traditional archers of all levels. It is unmatched by any other wood shaft because of its strength, straight grain, elasticity and perfect physical weight to spine ratio.

Please note that the higher weight cedar shafts per diameter are hard to get and therefore will not be available at all times. Please see our stock levels as listed. Nature simply doesn't produce a large amount of higher spine weights and therefore you may need to opt for a larger diameter or different quality to get your required spine.

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