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Easton A/C Injexion Schaft - 12 Stück

Set: Easton A/C Injexion Schaft - 12 Stück
Lieferzeit: 2 - 5 Tage Gewicht: 3 kg

Set: Easton A/C Injexion Schaft - 12 Stück
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Pull out all the stops and get the hardest-hitting arrow money can buy. Features the same ultra-micro diameter performance Olympic archers demand for downrange kinetic energy and superior crosswind performance. In the past, conventional broadheads and inserts prevented the use of target-size micro shafts in bowhunting. Thanks to Deep Six innovation, you now can get everything you ever wanted in the highest performance hunting arrow available today.

SIZES: 330, 390, 450
  • High-strength carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 alloy core
  • Guaranteed straightness: ±.002"
  • Weight tolerance: ±0.5 grains
  • Polished 9-micron finish
  • Factory crested
  • Pre-installed deep red G Nocks
  • Deep Six steel G HIT inserts - included
  • Deep Six steel field points - sold separately
  • Deep Six broadheads - sold separately

HIT (Hidden Insert Technology)HIT (Hidden Insert Technology)

  • Delivers more accuracy than any other broadhead insert.
  • Provides full contact between broadhead shank and shaft wall for added strength and tighter groups.
  • Uses ultra-small diameter arrow shafts to deliver more kinetic energy and penetration power.
  • Features easy, precise installation.
  • Patent-pending insert system.

The installation tool seats the insert at the correct depth and wipes the ID clean of excess adhesive for simple, accurate assembly.

The chamfer stone ensures a flat shaft base and properly sized chamfer for optimal fit with broadheads and field points.

To assure the best possible performance, use Easton brand adhesive to install the HIT insert. Other adhesives will degrade the performance of this superior component system. Please follow the component installation instructions found on the HIT component bag.

New Quick HIT Adhesive provides a powerful bond ready to shoot in just 15 minutes. The only quick cure adhesive approved for HIT arrows. One tube will install 30-35 dozen arrows.


  • Patent-pending slim diameter for increased penetration and less wind drift.
  • Thicker shaft wall for increased durability and more kinetic energy down range.
  • Micro smooth finish for reduced wear on the arrow rest, quiet draw & release, and easier target removal.

A/C (Alloy/Carbon)A/C (Alloy/Carbon)

  • Carbon fibers and epoxy resin matrix bonded to the precision 7075 alloy core tube.
  • Smooth 9-micron polished finish.
  • Used by more medal winners and top bowhunters than any other arrow type.
  • Easton's exclusive process ensures a strong bond of the carbon fiber to the alloy core.

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